Upcoming Changes To The Blog

Hi All. I wanted to give everyone a quick update about the future plans for the site. Here’s the dilemma I’ve been needing to solve for awhile: How can I avoid those inevitable two to three month disappearances that have been the result of real life getting busy and preventing me from updating the site? I’ve finally come up with a solution that should be manageable over the long term: I’ll be moving to a regular posting schedule so that the site gets updated with a new article on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 AM. Once I get enough articles written and a reserve established, I’ll probably move to an additional post each weekend as well, but that probably won’t come until September. So for those of you looking for guidance on what to expect going forward: expect MWF 8 AM updates for July and August, and then come September (hopefully), I’ll switch to four posts per week, with the fourth post most likely coming on Sunday. The drawback of this approach is that there won’t be any bursts of four or five quick updates to the site anymore, but the benefit is that there won’t be any more months long hiatuses, either. I think the consistency of posting content will be worth it. Thanks for your understanding, and see you all on July 2nd. -Tim

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