The Nexus 7 Commercial With The Dying Dog Should Be Tweaked

 “Think how association, pure association, works. Take the Coca-Cola Company (we’re the biggest shareholder). They want to be associated with every wonderful image: heroics in the Olympics, wonderful music, you name it. They don’t want to be associated with the funerals of presidents and so forth.” –Charlie Munger

If I were running advertising campaigns for Google, I wouldn’t want my brand name associated with the image of dying dogs, even within the context of admirably visiting an ailing pet. The point of the commercial is to showcase the new features and functionalities of the Nexus 7—when the guy in the commercial learns that the flights to his home are full, he is able to verbally ask for directions home and learn of an Express Train route he can take.

This advertising campaign could have easily accomplished the same net effect (making us, the TV viewers, aware of the Nexus 7 features) without bringing in the dying dog. Instead of the mom texting that the dog is on the verge of death, the plotline should be altered to say “Your brother is getting married tomorrow, we only have 18 hours to get to Hawai’i!” Then, the guy in the commercial could have asked the Nexus 7 to get him to Hawai’i fast/cheaply/whatever it may be, and the commercial could have ended with him lounging in Hawai’i as he attends a wedding.

The advertisement would have managed to convey the same highlighted functionality of the product to us, but they could have done it in a way that took advantage of positive association mental models rather than tapping into the emotions that we associate with the onset of death. With a slight tweak, this “Made For What Matters” campaign could have been much more effective.

Originally posted 2014-01-13 01:08:30.

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One thought on “The Nexus 7 Commercial With The Dying Dog Should Be Tweaked

  1. AndreaVandeKleut1 says:

    BUT see how much you and others are talking about this commercial! bad ,or "off taste" commercials or stage behavior are the number one thing to do. look at Milie cyrus. She openly admitted that she did this " behavior"  just to cause a ruckus! and she succeeded.
    Also, look at magazines and hollywood rags, that were and are still talking about her. I say  the Nexus7 Commercial was / is a raging success. If you look at nothing else but " talk " value . you must agree commercials and other " bad taste  advertising" are taking a different route , it may not be what most would do or agree with , but look at how successful they are , it got you to talk about it on an investment blog. ! LOL

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