The Big-Picture Coronavirus Investing Plan

It is weird covering stocks during a one-month period when the major indices rise 30% from a low (and in the case of Nasdaq, surpass the price at the start of the year) while at the same time the unemployment figures in the United States indicate that 30 million people are now unemployed.

For this obvious reason, it is somewhat uncomfortable for me to discuss investing because it is such a subordinate concern to human capital and taking care of you and your family’s needs. That said, this is an investing blog, and doing intelligent things with your financial capital eases the primary burden of sustaining yourself through your labor (i.e. your human capital).

For that reason, I just put together a monstrously long post (almost 5,000 words) over on Patreon discussing my approach to investing during COVID-19 and beyond as well as highlighting the six stocks that have caught my interest during this time. If you are able, please join me over on Patreon by subscribing here.

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