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I am excited to announce that I have become a Creator at Patreon where I will provide regular updates concerning available opportunities aimed at helping you and your family build wealth, with a particular emphasis on high income stocks and the very high-quality blue chips that have been the regular subject of articles on The Conservative Income Investor. Other areas of minor emphasis will include case studies in dumb behavior not to emulate, typical investments that have a hidden or not widely-discussed risk, and even articles on convertible stocks which let you collect income upfront and convert into common stock at a certain ratio that can be conducive to an investor that wants income now while leaving the door open to the possibility of large capital gains that can help improve your net worth.

The content will be focused on wealth-building opportunities so that you will encounter direct, actionable ideas consistent with the mindset of “I want to protect what I got, but I also want to make my money work for me.” To that end, I will present my best ideas. I believe the format of regular postings on Patreon with a focus on the types of stocks that drew you to The Conservative Income Investor will provide a better fit than the prior format of irregular postings about more esoteric securities.

Through seven years of covering the stock market, I have learned and discovered things that high-quality conservative growth investors want to know. This includes correctly identifying the extreme dividend growth and capital appreciation awaiting Visa shareholders in general during its rise from $50 to $130 per share over the past four years, Schwab investors during Brexit when the stock was at $25 before rising to $60, or pointing out the inanity of paying $71 per share for classic blue-chip staple General Mills in the summer of 2016 (triggering my only ever “short” article for a blue-chip stock in my history of writing). Now, General Mills has fallen to $42. After years of writing glowingly about the long-term investment results that were available in the tobacco sector, I pointed out the trouble that lurked ahead for Altria shareholders that paid $75 per share for Altria last year as the valuation crossed over into a territory that had no historical support, and now the stock is at $55. I recognize the relationship between price and value, which is the distinction that can either make or break the pursuit of wealth.

I intend to continue providing similar coverage on a regular basis on Patreon, with some periodic content postings to continue on The Conservative Income Investor. In all forums, my focus remains dedicated to separating the wheat from the chaff so that you can be more informed about the financial decisions that can improve the resources and opportunities for your family.

Join me on Patreon. I anticipate you will find it useful. As a show of goodwill to regular readers and prior subscribers, the current rate of $9.99 per month can be locked in permanently by signing up now. Subscribers after next week will start at $19.99 per month.

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Originally posted 2018-05-18 03:05:56.

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