The Blight Upon Vanguard

Just as it is easy for me to talk about dividend investing because real-life companies like Coca-Cola and Colgate-Palmolive exist, it is easy to advocate index fund investing because Vanguard exists. You can write a check or establish an electronic debit for $3,000 of VFINX, and instantly own shares in the 502 different companies that currently represent the S&P 500. And you only have to pay 0.17% in annual fees. Between 2015 and 2025, you will only pay an estimated $119 in total fees in exchange for using Vanguard’s consolidated purchasing power to buy ownership stakes in a wild diversity of companies.

Vanguard’s low fees enable people to get near market returns over the long run for just a $3,000 initial investment, and it is a great tribute to John Bogle’s legacy that he has been able to assist Americans of ordinary income in their quest to build a retirement … Read the rest of this article!