Mocking Warren Buffett in 1999

I’m currently working on some articles that talk about how intelligent decisions that you are making correctly at the time may not necessarily show up in the stock price for a bit (think IBM growing profits 9% annually while being universally mocked or someone buying Citigroup stock today getting mocked despite the company making $14 billion in profits over the course of 2014). It happens to value investors all the time. They find something that has higher current profits than the stock price might indicate, or profits are on the verge of increasing rapidly in the next few years, and a lot of people are mocking the particular investment. The greatest example of this came in 1999 when Buffett was regularly getting mocked for making investments that weren’t immediately paying off.  If you got a bit of time to kill, check out this piece in Barron’s that ran in 1999 titled “What’s Wrong, Warren?”

*UpdatedFor those of you having trouble accessing it, you might have to type “What’s wrong, Warren?” into a search engine, and click on the first link to access it. 

Originally posted 2014-07-19 20:32:43.

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