Les Brown: Motivational Speech On Self-Improvement

“Many of us never realize our greatness because we become sidetracked by secondary activity. We spread ourselves too thin–don’t know how to say no, and we find ourselves doing all kinds of things and never ever have time to do those things we have to do to work on ourselves. And then there goes a second. There goes another second. And another second. And we can’t stop and hold time. And boom, there goes another second–and before you know it, you wake up one day and you’re behind on your dreams.”

Les Brown is one of my all-time favorite motivational speakers, and I highly recommend that you watch this energetic speech on: (1) standing up to yourself to make a deliberate effort to narrow the gap between who you are and what you can be; (2) improving the internal monologue that you carry with you throughout the day; and (3) developing a default setting where “you gotta be hungry” to make the most out of your waking hours.

Originally posted 2016-06-09 03:10:53.

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