How To Stop Credit Card Companies From Sending You Mail Or Calling You

I’m currently in the process of decluttering everything (as you can see from this screenshot, I currently have 12,446 unread e-mail messages). A lot of it is spam, and some of it is reader questions that got lost in the shuffle through the holidays that I did not manage to catch.


Anyway, I’ve been trying to opt out of everything and clean up the amount of physical mail and e-mail that I receive, and I thought it would be worth pointing out the two most mainstream ways to get off lists.

If you are interested in getting on the “National Do Not Call Registry”, then you should visit this link and have your name removed:

You should note that the above link only puts you on the federal no call list; you also have to get on the state one as well if you want to avoid solicitors.

For instance, Missouri residents should visit the Attorney General website to find “Do Not Call” information, which you can do by clicking here:

And if you are interested in eliminating (or at least curbing) the amount of mail and e-mail that you receive from the credit card companies, then you should visit the FTC website and follow the directions listed here:

If any of you readers have any good tricks for clearing things out, feel free to share it below. I could use all the weapons in my arsenal that I can find to clean house.

Originally posted 2014-01-03 21:26:18.

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4 thoughts on “How To Stop Credit Card Companies From Sending You Mail Or Calling You

  1. sandfalcon says:

    A trick I used to use when on AOL and everything went to one big inbox- go through and read the things you want to read.  Afterwards, select all the unread messages (which should be things you don't want) and hit the delete button.  Poof, gone.  With 12K messages, that will be tedious, but any system you employ is going to be tedious, that's just a whole lotta stuff.  
    I suppose another option is to NOT read anything.  Select all, delete.  Yup, you're gonna dump some probably important things, and irritate people who are waiting on you to reply, BUT this system will go a lot faster!

  2. stevemelnykevich says:

    Here's a neat trick. Add a filter in  your email options with the word "unsubscribe" that gets sent either to your trash or a spam folder. It's a neat trick that helps you see only important emails. 

    Best wishes.

  3. Stella Hernandez says:

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  4. Thanks for the guidance on the no call list, also I have family in Missouri, I’ll be sure to point out to them the way to add their number to the do not call list. Much appreciated!!!

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