Finally, A Deal

It has been a while since I have been able to make an investment that truly qualifies as a “deal” in something approaching Benjamin Graham’s use of the term. For the past several years, most of the investments that have caught my attention have been of the “well, this is likely to grow at a rate in excess of 10%, and the P/E ratio is close enough to 20” variety. 

But now, it’s been refreshing to find something with a truly high dividend yield, dividends supported by the profits, an objectively cheap valuation, and profits that are likely to grow in the coming years. Better yet, the company has a geographic footprint in 40+ countries and is dominated by 13+ brands earning over $250 million each. 

It’s been one of the few finds during the 2015-2019 stretch where the dividend yield is high and the capital appreciation prospects are also promising. To check it out, join me on Patreon by clicking here.

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