A Truly Cheap, High-Growth Stock Right Now

There is a financial sector stock that recently saw its stock price get clobbered in what might be an opportunity analogous to the oil sector opportunity to buy Royal Dutch Shell at a price of $37 per share two years ago back when the Shell management team stated that some of its proven reserves were being discounted.

Sometimes, a high-growth encounters a temporary setback that catches all of the headlines and punishes the valuation, creating a lucrative buying opportunity for those with cool heads who can appreciate profits on a balance sheet and can recognize growth even amidst pockets of unfavorable news.

The chef knows when his cooking is good, and if you’re not a subscriber on Patreon, I encourage you to do so now. The financial sector stock that I just covered is one of the best deals I have seen since we have entered this period of general overvaluation over the past year or two, and at a minimum, I believe I have identified an investment idea worthy of due diligence for the enterprising investor.

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Originally posted 2018-10-23 00:51:26.

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