About John Sculley’s Decision To Fire Steve Jobs

Although John Sculley (thePepsi CEO that left the helm at Steve Jobs’ behest only to sack him later after disagreeing about the future of the company—Jobs wanted to focus on lowering the price and increasing the advertising of the Mac, and Sculley thought the Mac was structurally deficient due to already obsolete technology) did an interview way back in September with Forbes to discuss the most famous firing of our generation, I didn’t see it until today.

When finance writers bring up the Jobs/Sculley relationship and talk about Apple’s meteoric success as an investment, there are two things that they usually miss.

First off, they usually ignore the fact that John Sculley utterly failed in his role to bring cash flow to Apple. The problem with Apple’s stock (up until this past decade) is that the company was always a cash-starved business that generated a lot of sales but didn’t … Read the rest of this article!