John Deere Stock: Should Farmers Buy It?

An interesting approach to individual stock selection involves looking at businesses that are indispensable to your career’s successful functioning.

If you work in HR, you have probably relied upon the services of Automatic Data Processing to assist with payroll and other employment-documentation needs. Lo and behold, ADP has a historical track record of 14% annual returns going back decades. It was one of the few companies to maintain a bond rating of AAA, only losing it a few years ago when it embarked on a stock repurchase binge.

If you manage an ice cream shop, you might have noticed how ubiquitous Mars Candy and Hershey toppings are for nearly every product, and have been so for decades. Unfortunately for investors, Mars Candy is a privately held company, but as for Hershey, it has been compounding at 11-13% rates for decades.

For the American farmer, the need to buy tractors, front … Read the rest of this article!