Warren Buffett’s Weakest Link Quote

“One of the things you will find, which is interesting and people don’t think of it enough, with most businesses and with most individuals, life tends to snap you at your weakest link. So it isn’t the strongest link you’re looking for among the individuals in the room. It isn’t even the average strength of the chain. It’s the weakest link that causes the problem. It may be alcohol, it may be gambling, it may be a lot of things, it may be nothing, which is terrific. But it is a real weakest link problem. When I look at our managers, I’m not trying to look at the guy who wakes up at night and says ‘E = MC 2’ or something. I am looking for people that function very, very well. And that means not having any weak links.” -Warren Buffett, 1991 speech

Originally posted 2019-05-16 23:21:37.

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