A Great Reader E-Mail About Coca-Cola Investing

One thing I have strong mixed emotions about is my terrible track record of responding to reader e-mails. At my current rate, I’m only responding back to about one out of every fifteen or so that spend some of their precious time to contact me. It is the way it is because I made the value judgment that I’d rather spend most of my days acting—that is, setting out specific things I want to accomplish and then putting in the work to make them happen—rather than reacting, which you can easily found yourself doing if you interact on Facebook, e-mail, and Twitter for good chunks of time. The reason I feel bad, though, is because I should respect the time of anyone who spent time crafting a chat with me, because I’m grateful for the generosity of others who did it for me, and well, it’s the right thing … Read the rest of this article!