Andrew Kahr: The Man Responsible For High Credit Card Fees, Interest Rates, And Corrupt Business Practices

There is a BP gas station by where I live that uses a deceptive business practice to cajole people into patronizing it. The gas station owner posts a price that is $0.20 below the Shell Oil station across the street, and it is not apparent until you physically arrive at the gas station that you don’t get that price unless you get a car wash, too. By that point, most people will have already “settled” on that gas station and pay that price anyway.

When I talk about building long-term wealth, this is not what I mean. It’s not about extracting goods from others by lying, cheating, or stealing. If the records filed with the Secretary of State are accurate, this guy is a member of the local community. He has daughters he sends to the local private high schools. Yet, he has no problem using a bait-and-switch tactic to … Read the rest of this article!