Charlie Munger’s 2007 USC Commencement Address Speech

Charlie Munger’s 2007 commencement address to the Gould School of Law at USC is obviously one of my favorite commencement addresses and I have uploaded the video and the transcript for your review. I’d comment, but Munger speaks for himself and needs no further clarification.

Well no doubt many of you are wondering why the speaker is so old.

Well the answer is obvious: he hasn’t died yet.

And why was the speaker chosen?

Well I don’t know that either. I like to think that the development department had nothing to do with it.

Whatever the reason I think it’s very fitting that I’m sitting here because I see one crowd of faces in the rear not wearing robes, and I know, from having educated an army of descendants, who really deserves a lot of the honors that are being given to the people here upfront. The sacrifice and the … Read the rest of this article!