If Your Employer Is Trying To Fire You

I was reading through one of my cases about a contract dispute between an employee and an employer, and there were a couple of things I picked up from the case that I thought would be worth mentioning to you.

The basic plot was this: A business owner promises his 82 year-old janitor that he can continue working there for the rest of his life, and when the business owner dies and leave his son the business, the son is looking for ways to get rid of the the janitor and wipe him off the payroll.

He cut the janitor’s hours, lowered his wages, and still couldn’t get him to quit. Eventually, the son that became the business owner was able to fire him. And here’s how he did it.

First, he had the janitor fill out a self-evaluation form and scorecard, in which the janitor gave himself scores like … Read the rest of this article!