Do Not Invest In Bank Stocks For Retirement

Regarding dividends, the famous professor and investor Phil Fisher once said:

“This brings us to what is probably the most important but least discussed aspect of dividends. This is regularity or dependability. The wise investor will plan his affairs. He will look ahea to what he can or cannot do with his income. He may not care about immediately increasing income, but he will want assurance against the decreased income and unexpected disruption of his plans that this can cause.”

When it comes to dividend suspensions, cuts, and erratic policies, there is no sector that is quite as flighty over the long-term as bank stocks (with the possible accompaniment of tech stocks). If you review the recent financial crisis, you will see a litany of cuts from the big names in banking: Bank of America and Citigroup slashed their dividends to a penny, and the dividend payouts still have not … Read the rest of this article!