How Did Warren Buffett Build His Fortune?

According to the Google search engines for this site, one of the most queried subject topics is something to the effect of “How did Warren Buffett get rich?” That’s an unsurprising curiosity, considering that Warren Buffett is without a doubt the most famous man in American history in the realm of investing. Some people are simply curious about any man who can compound wealth at nearly 20% for the entirety of his life, others are drawn to his personal style of maintaining a witty sense of humor and basic tastes despite amassing one of the largest fortunes in all of recorded human history.

In answering this question, there is one thing I’d like to point out to begin with: the investing bug had been in Buffett’s DNA right from the start, and his life is a story of what happens when you combine advantage upon advantage with advantage upon advantage: … Read the rest of this article!