Royal Dutch Shell Stock: Investing $1,200 Per Year

As I saw the news that Chevron was purchasing Anadarko Petroleum in a $33 billion merger deal, I revisited Royal Dutch Shell’s $50+ billion acquisition of BG Group several years ago that doubled down on Shell’s status as a colossus in the industry, boosting the annual revenues from the $360 billion to $430 billion range.

It is the dominant force. There are maybe one dozen companies in the entire world that sell as much “stuff” as Shell does. It is sitting on 16 billion barrels of oil and 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Whatever world the energy uses, Shell is there with its hand as an original source provider, cultivator/refiner, and transporter of the energy source. If I had to make a list of the 50 companies most likely to exist as a profitable entity by the end of your great-grandchildren’s expected lives, Shell would be on the … Read the rest of this article!