The Richest 100 People Own Over Half The World

According to a report recently released by charity cum research outlet “Oxfam”, both the 85 richest people in the world and the bottom 3.5 billion have something in common: an aggregate net worth of around $1 trillion. The research, which you can read here, was part of an appeal that called for the most affluent to (1) support progressive taxation, (2) refrain from using wealth to seek political favors, (3) challenge governments to use tax revenue to provide universal healthcare, education, and social protection, and there were a few other social demands called for as well.

The report claimed that the trillion dollars in wealth wielded by the 85 richest people in the world was the result of a “power grab by wealthy elites.” The report did not cite specific behaviors that indicated any lying, cheating, or stealing on behalf of those who possess the most wealth, other than … Read the rest of this article!