Retirement Myths And Other Terrible Ways To Think About Retirement Planning


A common theme for people that write about finance (whether it be frugality, investing, or early retirement) is that when they peek out from their own writing platforms and enter the world of Yahoo, MSN Money, and Marketwatch, they are immediately met with scorn, disbelief, jeering, and personal accusations.

Pete from the website, whom I have written about previously here, recently ventured out of Money Mustache land to conduct an interview with Andrea Coombes from Marketwatch, which you can read here.

Of the 300+ comments that currently follow the article, it seems that at least nine out of ten were critical of MMM’s retirement strategy, citing its impossibility to their personal circumstances. My reaction to most of it was along the lines of “if you are going to say that something can’t be done, get out of the way of the people who … Read the rest of this article!