The Earliest Video Footage of Warren Buffett

Even back then, Warren Buffett had it.

I think I finally dug up the earliest known video footage of Warren Buffett, and it looks like it was an interview with an Omaha TV station that never actually managed to hit the airwaves.

For me, that’s the fun part to speculate: What was it that made KMTV desire to interview Warren Buffett in 1962, yet, upon actually conducting the interview, decide not to air it? My guess is that Buffett was too rational, sober, and precise in giving his opinions, and some executive producer decided that would not be appealing to a mass audience.

That’s the unfortunate thing about stock market investing—if CNBC’s editorial decisions are indicative of mass tastes, then it means that people are much more interested in *stock prices* over the next twelve months than trying to figure out the relationship between current profits, current prices, and … Read the rest of this article!