Dividend Investing: Getting Rich During Retirement

One of the bogeymen that we have to address when structuring our financial lives is the fact that every dollar that we create for ourselves will be worth around $0.97 next year, around $0.94 the year after that, and then $0.90 or so in the third year.

If you want to separate yourself from most people out there, you need to borrow a couple chapters from Irving Fisher’s The Money Illusion, and condition yourself to think in terms of purchasing power. Most people aren’t equipped to do that. Even if you had a guarantee that the United States would experience 3% inflation over the next year, my guess is that a lot of people would think that $10,000 deposited in the bank today was less than $10,250 deposited in the bank account next January.

In terms of nominal dollars, sure.  But if inflation hits 3% on average over the next … Read the rest of this article!