H&R Block’s “Billion Back” Commercial In A Football Stadium Is Brilliant Advertising

Now that I’ve given you an example (here) of what I consider to be a bad commercial for mental model associative purposes, I want to shine a light on the positive and discuss with you a commercial I find to be brilliant and try to explain why I think that.

First, I should define my terms. I define a “good commercial” for the purposes of our conversation as something that makes you more inclined to actually buy the product being sold. This is the obvious, basic truth of advertising. Just as some operational companies go adrift by focusing on sales and total revenues for an extended period of time to the detriment of bottom-line profits, some companies likewise go adrift with their advertising campaigns by trying to be funny, evocative, or “create buzz” even if it does not actually make people more likely to buy the products being … Read the rest of this article!