Peter Lynch And John Templeton Deserve Investor’s Attention

The audio and visual quality of this video is a bit punishing to work through, but the common sense wisdom that you’ll pick up from these two titans will be worth, I’d think.

In the coming two to three months, I’m going to focus on adding some content to the site that focuses on investing wisdom we can pick up courtesy of Peter Lynch and John Templeton. Their legacies aren’t quite as big as the Buffett and Grahams of the investing world, but I think it’s dumb to assume that the richest investors in the world are necessarily the best investors in the world.

That may seem somewhat counterintuitive of me to say, given that having more money is literally the scorecard that determines how well an investment did, but I think you have to take external factors into account. For instance, Warren Buffett owned operating companies as his … Read the rest of this article!