How Dividend Growth Covers Up Mistakes

Over the past ten years:

Colgate-Palmolive has grown its dividend by 12.5% annually.

Pepsi has grown its dividend by 13.5% annually.

Exxon has grown its dividend by 8.0% annually.

McCormick has grown its dividend by 11.0% annually.

Coca-Cola has grown its dividend by 10.0% annually.

Disney has grown its dividends by 8.0% annually.

Normally, I talk about these facts in the context of building wealth. But dividend growth also serves another useful function: it preserves wealth. When you have ownership interests in businesses that are raising their cash payouts each year, it allows for you to completely screw up with an investment or two and still do all right for yourself.

When you think about building a portfolio of companies that you truly intend to hold for 20+ year increments, the big fear is that something like General Motors is going to slip in there, go bankrupt, and muck things … Read the rest of this article!