Censoring Online Comments: The Big Debate Among Website Publishers And Newspapers

Among people who own and run websites, one of the constant debates is this: How should you handle the censoring of online comments? A lot of times, the debate never properly gets off the ground because people start having 1st Amendment debates about the practice. That’s a red herring because the 1st Amendment only protects you from government punishment (such as fine or imprisonment) for voicing unpopular viewpoints, but does not prevent a business from exercising its own rights to get rid of employees that they think will be bad for business (although there are some protections created by The Civil Rights Act of 1964).

This makes sense. If you spent twenty years of your life diligently saving up $250,000 to open your own pizza parlor, you would not be happy to see that the waiter you hired is telling your customers about how much he loved the … Read the rest of this article!