Anonymous Christmas Tipping

With Christmas just hours away, I wanted to bring to your attention five cases of people who truly seem to “get it” and understand the arc of wealth-building involves a transition point from financial independence to helping others once your basic needs are taken into account.

#1. Anonymous donor to match Salvation Army donations through New Year’s Eve: In Wichita, Kansas, an anonymous individual pledged to donate up to $100,000 as a matching donation now through New Year’s Eve. This donation came on the heels of Salvation Army’s Wichita operations announcing that they had raised $100,000 less compared to this time in the previous year.

#2. Anonymous $50,000 donation gives big boost to annual Rockin’ for the Hungry food drive: Some of the most personally gratifying donations occur when you can actually measure the amount of goodness that your gift brings. Given that people who acquire wealth tend … Read the rest of this article!