Why Benjamin Franklin Spent His Life Chasing Money

With all of this talk about firing on the site lately, I wanted to share with you a more optimistic spin by sharing with you the story of why Benjamin Franklin wanted to get rich. Rather than seeing financial independence purely in terms of trying to avoid poverty and financial ruin, Benjamin Franklin saw financial independence as something that would provide him with the platform to do something great.

Franklin’s immense popularity prompted people like King George to call him the “most dangerous man in America”, simply because his original ideas (Daylight Savings Time, bifocal glasses, etc.) and witty responses to his adversaries stirred up jealousies in the minds of very powerful people. Heck, the legend is that Benajmin Franklin did not receive the opportunity to write “The Declaration of Independence” simply because his fellow American politicians feared that he would include a subtle joke at Britain’s expense in the … Read the rest of this article!