The Justine Sacco Firing Reignites My Passion For Dividend Stocks

The PR coordinator for IAC, Justine Sacco, recently got fired for a tweet in which she belittled AIDS and further relied upon a racial stereotype to make her joke. As seems to be the case when someone slips up and says something dumb on Twitter, there is an outpouring of “outrage” from other Twitter members that eventually leads to the person getting fired (as an aside, you can read about the Justine Sacco saga by clicking here).

That’s an important trend observation to be aware of in the workplace—there is no real sense of “equity buildup” in which being an employee for an extended period of time grants you some slack for error. A single slip-up (especially if it draws the attention of the public at large) can destroy your money-earning capacity.

These moments are constant reminders about power and being at the mercy of others to generate your … Read the rest of this article!