What Are The Tax Differences Between The Three Types of Kinder Morgan?

After my recent article on the lucrative performance of Kinder Morgan over the past two decades, I received several questions from readers that wanted to know the taxation differences between KMP, KMR, and KMI.

I’ll try to put this as succinctly as I can without the risk of oversimplification:

Kinder Morgan Partners, whose ticker symbol is KMP, is the largest pipeline master limited partnership in the world. It owns 54,000 miles of pipelines. It is currently investing in a $5.4 billion project in British Columbia. Its daily product is north of 2 million barrels of oil per day, and over 8 billion cubic feet of natural gas today. It is legally structured as an MLP, meaning that it pays distributions rather than dividends. If you own KMP, you will receive a K-1 each year. For those of you curious as to how the MLP gets taxed, as well as some … Read the rest of this article!