Phil Robertson, Advertisers, And Disney Shareholders

If you have been following the news for the past day or so, you have likely seen the lead story and many debates about the comments that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame made to GQ Magazine that resulted in his suspension from the A&E series. Since then, news outlets have been abuzz about A&E’s wisdom in suspending Robertson. Those in favor of his suspension generally point out that America’s 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech only protects you from government interference regarding political speech (and does not prevent employers from exercising their rights to discipline employees), whereas those defending Robertson have been quick to lament the knee-jerk reaction to those expressing counter-progressive cultural beliefs in a very clumsy fashion, and claim there is a double standard in which politically unpopular conservative viewpoints are quicker to result in job terminations than politically unpopular liberal viewpoints that are also clumsily … Read the rest of this article!