Loyal3 Investing: Why Folio First Took Over

Back in 2011, Barry Schneider launched Loyal3 for the purpose of allowing the mom-and-pop small investor to have a chance to invest alongside institutional Wall Street investors in initial public offerings.

Perhaps most popular of all, Loyal3 enabled investors with as little as $10 to invest in the initial public offering for Square (SQ) on November 19, 2015. Oddly enough, the price of Square’s IPO was $10, meaning investors with minimal investment funds could access a stock that now trades at $75 per share just four years later.

The IPO investing opportunities that Loyal3 provided, for no fee on the investor end, was absolutely unparalleled.

Of course, there were only a five or six IPOs, at most, that could capture an investor’s attention over the course of a year, and to build an ongoing business model outside of these one-time events, Schneider entered into relationships with approximately 75 publicly traded … Read the rest of this article!