The Fun Thing About Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks

You know what makes all of this finance writing about blue chips fun for me? The continuity of almost everything.

When I started writing for Seeking Alpha in 2011, I was saying the same things about Coca-Cola then that I am saying about it now. When you own 500 brands that generate $10 billion in annual profit across 200 countries, it’s not subject to a whole lot of change. You raise prices a dime here, cut costs a nickel there, buy buck a little stock, and voila, another 8% dividend increase. It’s just so. . . easy and obvious.

In some regards, it’s probably too easy. You hear people talking about buying Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson all the time non stop, it can be tempting to search out for something new, “You’re like a broken radio, man. Don’t you have any other stocks up your sleeve?” The … Read the rest of this article!