The Start Investing With Stocks 101 Guide

When I solicited for questions right before Thanksgiving, the most common question that I received was something to the effect of: How do you get started investing if you have a low income and don’t have much by way of disposable income to get started?

Although it’s a topic that a lot of finance writers like to make needlessly emotional, for me, it’s nothing but a function of math. When we talk about turning money today into something impressive at some future point in time, there are three variables that control everthing:

The amount of money we have to invest.

The growth rate of that money.

The amount of time that we can set that money aside.

For the most part, we’re going to be looking at growth rates between 8-12%, with full dividends reinvested. I can tell you that there are 75% or so odds that Coca-Cola will … Read the rest of this article!