Dividend Stocks Cannot Fire You

I was reading an article on Buzzfeed that is about two holidays too old which detailed the aftermath for some people that wore socially unacceptable Halloween costumes. Although each story contained its own idiosyncrasies, they all generally followed this format:

-Someone chose a costume that was racially insensitive, distasteful of national tragedies, or mocked/belittled a subgroup that is generally recognized as a “protected class”.

-Aware of the socially unpopular nature of the costume, some observer took a picture and loaded it to Twitter or Facebook.

-Commotion ensues. The general public attacks the inappropriate costume-wearer on Twitter and Facebook, and it eventually ends with the person deleting all of their social media accounts.

-In every single instance, the person that wore the insensitive costume was fired from their jobs.

I doubt that anyone of you reading this are ever going to be at risk of losing your job for something stupid … Read the rest of this article!