How To Never Become A Financially Independent Dividend Investor

There are three character traits that you can possess that will make sure you never become a financially independent investor that lives fully on the income generated by his business holdings.

First, you need to be someone who has absolutely no perseverance skills whatsoever. When you spend a couple months saving $1,000 and only see $7.50 in dividend checks, you should reach the conclusion that the system is rigged and completely give up. Instead of realizing that you now own something that is going to automatically increase in income by 7-11% each year, and instead of working hard to add to the pile, you should conclude that any objective that cannot be reached within a year is not worth, and then toss your dream to the side simply because it could not be achieved immediately.

Secondly, if you truly want to never become successful and you want to have a Read the rest of this article!