Benjamin Franklin Quotes: The Best Fifty

Benjamin Franklin’s classic “The Way to Wealth” and “Poor Richard’s Almanack” contain many fantastic quotes, and I have put together a list of the best fifty from both:

Benjamin Franklin’s quotations have survived for centuries, most likely due to the Founding Father’s ability to convey truths about human nature in short, pithy sayings.
  1. A man without ceremony has need of great merit in its place.
  2. Ambition often spends foolishly what avarice had wickedly collected.
  3. An ill wound, but not an ill name, may be healed.
  4. An old man in a house is a good sign.
  5. An old young man will be a young old man.
  6. As pride increases, fortune declines.
  7. As we must account for every idle word, so we must for every idle silence.
  8. Bargaining has neither friends nor relations.
  9. Be always ashamed to catch thyself idle.
  10. Beware, beware! He’ll cheat without scruple, who can
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