How To Be An Intelligent, Wealthy Long-Term Investor

Today, I want to spend a couple minutes talking about a blogger named Darren Rowse, a man whose skill in building a blogging empire I respect immensely. He’s a guy who runs a collection of highly successful blogs, one of which is called If you visit the website and punch in “” into the site estimator, you will see that Darren’s website makes an estimated $26,000 per day, which is translated into $791,000 per month, which gives him a pre-tax income of almost $10,000,000 per year from this website alone (and keep in mind this is just one website that Darren owns).

Most likely, the readers of this site wouldn’t mind reaching a point in life where they make $18 every minute that they stay alive (and it’s really fun when you go to sleep for 8 hours and realize you just made over $8,600. Seriously, every time … Read the rest of this article!