The Easy And Hard Ways To Create Million-Dollar Fortunes

I am friends with a woman whose father is a partner at a law firm in Missouri. I do not talk about her dad’s occupation much, other than the fact that she constantly mentions that her dad works a “ridiculous amount of hours.”

Me, being me, I immediately sought to put some labels and back-of-the-envelope numbers on what I knew, and then I wanted to relate those facts back to business ownership, on a comparison basis.

These are the estimates I came up with:

Although “ridiculous hours” is a vague term, I guessed it to mean something roughly analogous to this:

8 AM-7 PM daily, with an hour for lunch.

6 hours aggregate on the weekend.

48 weeks per year of work.

That means= 10 hours per day for 5 days, plus an extra six spread out over the course of the weekend. In other words, a 56 hour workweek.… Read the rest of this article!