The Most Important Thing About Money and Investing

The average household income for readers of this site $82,000 per year. That makes sense—there are only three reasons why someone would want to read about money: (1) they have money, (2) they anticipate having money, and/or (3) they act on behalf of people who do have money.

Politically, the typical reader of this site is conservative (I mean, heck, it’s in the name of the site)—however, the typical reader on this site is liberal compared to other websites on the internet that claim folks in the $75,000-$99,999 household income bracket as their regular audience. Statistically, when you leave my site, you are most likely to go directly to another site that involves: (1) finance, (2) news, (3) undressed women, or (4) sports (in that order).

Most of you are from California, New York, Illinois, Canada, Florida, or Germany. There is also one regular reader from Ireland. Erin go Bragh, … Read the rest of this article!