John Bogle And Blue-Chip Dividend Investing

John Bogle is on the short list of my investing heroes, which may seem odd considering that he is the father of passive investing and the creation of mainstream index funds, while almost all of my writings focus on purchasing ownership stakes in individual companies.

The factor that we have very different investing styles is irrelevant—John Bogle has made it much easier for middle-class investors with incomes below $100,000 and no investment connections to get started with the wealth-building process, and I heavily suspect that we agree on far more than we disagree.

In particular, there are two areas where Bogle’s advice on index investing flows from the same type of logic that leads me towards blue-chip dividend investing.

Bogle has advocated two particular concepts for most of his adult life as a figure in the finance community.

(1)    First, he argues that investors achieve subpar returns because they are … Read the rest of this article!