How To Create A Cycle Of Poverty And Die Broke

If you are broke, there are three occasions that make it perfectly okay to complain about it: health problems, divorce, and job loss.

That is because those three things are economically and mentally devastating in nature, and can plausibly be caused by third-party actors screwing you over (bean counter employer letting you go, cheating spouse that takes half your stuff, unexpected cancer diagnosis, etc.) rather than mistakes that you make yourself. Although to be sure, those three things can be fueled be your own behavior—you could chain smoke two packs of Marlboro 54’s per day and eventually get lung cancer, you could be spending your days on the job reading The Conservative Income Investor rather than working (hey, some things should be forgivable), or you could be the crazy spouse that uses the kitchen dinette set to practice your quarterbacking skills, with your husband/wife being the unwilling wide receiver.

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