Social Security Checks Prove That Most Americans Do Not Understand Money

Here in the Midwest, it is a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, and I would completely understand if you have better things to do with your time than read this article, so I’ll boil it down for you in one sentence: If you want to smarter than almost anyone you encounter on the street, and more importantly, put yourself in the position to build wealth for the long haul by thinking in terms of purchasing power rather than superficial dollar amount changes.

Now for the five-minute version.

If you read Yahoo News headlines today (actually, right now), you will see an article titled “Bad News For Social Security.

The article is generally a complaint that the cost-of-living adjustment for the upcoming year of Social Security checks is only 1.5%. The article includes the obligatory quotes from Social Security recipients that remember previously receiving 3% or even 4% cost-of-living increases. The … Read the rest of this article!