Why American Healthcare Requires Some Type Of Federal Intervention

With the very big exception of oil stocks, the healthcare industry comprises the largest share of my personal investments. In particular, Johnson & Johnson is my far and away my largest personal investment (I honestly believe the company has such an enduring built-in moat that, absent gross product liability negligence on the order of tens and tens of billions of dollars, it will still be a profitable enterprise when it’s time for me to rock on towards the next world, which will, God willing, be many decades from now).

Because I’m naturally curious about the topic, and because Johnson & Johnson, Becton Dickinson, and GlaxoSmithKline have been/are three of my largest personal investments, I’ve been following with great interest the pending changes to our healthcare system as the Affordable Care Act is on its way to becoming the prevailing law of the land.

And because I haven’t read the Affordable … Read the rest of this article!