Do You Want A Duck Or A Lifetime Stream Of Income?

I was at Wal-Mart on Thursday when I came across this deer, duck, dog, and bear toilet-paper holders being sold for the price of $24.97. Whipping out my phone, I took this picture to share with y’all:


Obviously, those little guys are awesome. Why would you want to live your entire life taking toilet paper from metal placeholders when you could get the goods specially delivered by a duck for the rest of your life?

A question like that deserves a thoughtful response.

While duck toilet-paper holders are admittedly awesome, I also like to remember that it’s awesome to be a part-owner in an excellent business that feeds me cold, hard cash every three months and usually raises that amount with the passage of time (the raises typically come once per year).

Right now, General Electric trades at a little over $24 per share. Each share is currently pumping out … Read the rest of this article!