Someone At T Rowe Price Really Likes Danaher Stock

I was recently screening the top ten holdings of every mutual fund that T Rowe Price offers to look for some investment ideas worth considering. When I got to the company’s more traditional funds aimed at retirees and conservative investors, I noticed one stock that kept showing up: Danaher.

It is a “Top 10 Holding” in the following four funds (if not more): Blue Chip Growth, Capital Appreciation, Growth & Income, and Dividend Growth.








It is somewhat ill-fitting to see Danaher show up in T Rowe Price’s Dividend Growth Fund, considering that the company only pays out a dime for each share annually for a dividend yield of 0.15%. If you wanted make a schoolteacher’s salary off of your Danaher stock (~45,000 per year), you would need to own 450,000 shares of the company. At a current price of $67 per share, we’re talking an initial investment … Read the rest of this article!