Investing In Starbucks Stock Instead of Buying Starbucks Coffee

You know what can be an incredible competitive advantage? Not engaging in a particular expenditure that your peers do. Given how cheap and incredibly easy it is to make your own coffee, I do not understand those who go to Starbucks before work every morning, especially when they hit the drive-thru so they cannot even claim the ambience and lodging of going inside. For those who camp out at Starbucks with a book or laptop for three hours, I can at least understand it, as you’re really using the beverage as a proxy for $1.67 per hour rent for usage of a facility to tend to your business.

The part of passive investing that has long intrigued is that only a slight behavioral modification can result in outsized rewards. Picture a couple, each of which picks up a Starbucks coffee on the way to work each morning, for a daily … Read the rest of this article!