Saved By Facebook’s Lack of A Dividend

Earlier this year, I didn’t pay Facebook much mind. With only one unique exception, I have never had much of an interest in staking real money on business models that rely upon digital advertisements because I know darn well how quickly the rate that companies pay to advertise declines during a recession.

The last real recession was almost a decade ago, from 2008 through 2010 or so. Facebook did not have its IPO until 2012. The investor community has not yet witnessed how quickly Facebook’s profits could fall during a recession. We are talking 50-70% declines in overall profitability in as quick as a months-long timespan.

I even anticipatorily felt bad for money managers across the country who have received client praise for investing in Facebook over the past few years because I know quickly that praise could turn into a scolding under any ordinary adverse turn in the business … Read the rest of this article!